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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of W.Rosado
Wilfredo Rosado’s 'Pearl ID' combines the ideas of pearls with initial-based jewellery
Lapel pin in white gold with diamonds, Australian South Sea pearls, and ceramic
Necklace in white gold with diamonds and Australian South Sea pearls
Ring in white gold with diamonds and Australian South Sea pearls
Bracelet in white gold with diamonds and Australian South Sea pearls

If you’re a millennial, there’s a high chance that not even Harry Styles and Pharrell Williams can convince you that pearl jewellery has graduated into the hip category. But listen, a former fashion media man and protégé of Andy Warhol has all the right ingredients to change your mind. New York-based jeweller Wilfredo Rosado’s Pearl ID is his bid at combining customised initial jewellery with pearls. Sounds easy but it isn’t. Working together with gold artisans in Italy and fine stone-cutters in Germany, he has managed to figure a way to carve initials and even set gold and diamonds into Australian South Sea pearls. From words like love to hello to even single alphabets on rings and necklaces, Rosado’s new spin to pearl jewellery might just have given pearls its best image overhaul since Coco Chanel’s heydays.

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