HOMECOMING KING: Salvatore Ferragamo's Tornabuoni 1927 Collection
Text by Manifesto | Photos by Jeff Ip
Deerskin 'Tornabuoni 1927' tote bags by Salvatore Ferragamo
Deerskin 'Tornabuoni 1927' sailing bag, suede jacket with shearling lining, cotton T-shirt, lambskin trousers, and calfskin leather Rosco Chelsea boots by Salvatore Ferragamo
The year 1927 marks a special moment in Salvatore Ferragamo’s storied timeline. Having found success in Hollywood, the big-time Italian designer returned to the magical Via Tornabuoni in Florence to a hero’s welcome. Today, his namesake label marks this milestone with the Tornabuoni 1927 collection, a range of luxe clothing and accessories that will help any rake build character.


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