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Crocs x Drew House collab will be launched on October 13 and retails for US$59.99
Crocs x Drew House collab will be launched on October 13 and retails for US$59.99
Crocs x Drew House collab will be launched on October 13 and retails for US$59.99

When real-life popstar Justin Bieber first started hawking those now-sold out disposable hotel-style bathroom slippers for US$5 a pop under his Drew House label back in 2018, you probably thought Crocs clogs looked like a better deal because at least they last longer. Fast forward to the final stretch of 2020, Bieber’s on the cusp of launching his very own pair of yellow Crocs as this other C-word isn’t the scariest C-word of the year. Launching as part of National Crocs Day and kept to a limited number (because even Crocs know you can’t have too many of it out on the streets at any given time), Bieber’s striking yellow pair will be branded under the Drew House label that has made a decent killing for selling casualwear staples printed with a smiley face logo. Like any well-marketed Crocs collabs as of late that has sold out in a matter of minutes, including those from his BBF Post Malone and Bad Bunny, these will include special Drew House-themed charms called Jibbitz that lets you plug those holes at the front of the clogs like Christmas tree decorating came early. While these rubber clogs don’t look as radical as Balenciaga’s platform versions from a couple of years back, Bieber’s attachment to this project means you might have to fight a Belieber (and likely peskier bots) to land a pair. The truth is, they couldn’t have picked a better time to launch these because we were wondering what a better time would be even in a pandemic-free world. They will retail for US$59.99 on their respective online stores on October 13.



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