Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Thom Browne
The Thom Browne and FC Barcelona capsule collection of clothing and accessories launches on October 21
The Thom Browne and FC Barcelona capsule collection of clothing and accessories launches on October 21

Even if you don’t follow professional sports, there’s a high chance you’ve came across highlight reels of footballers playing in empty stadiums and basketballers cheered on by rows of large monitors broadcasting visuals of so-called virtual fans. It’s a weird time, we know. And 2020’s going to be one big inside joke that our grandkids probably won’t get when we explain those said highlight reels. For sports fans, buying new merch to acknowledge the start of the new season still feels strange – and perhaps a tad too soon. One football team keen to get things underway and even further away from off-field talk is FC Barcelona. That’s because it had spent the last few months in a lover’s quarrel with its franchise player Lionel Messi, who threatened to walk away from the club to elope with his ex (manager) before returning to the harsh reality that they are still legally married. (Sign us up for that telenovela!) Now, FC Barcelona is again bringing the conversation back off the field as it has announced a new capsule clothing collection with Thom Browne. The designer has been a loyal supporter of FC Barcelona for the last two years, helping to kit its star players in some of the most progressive menswear tailoring fits on their travels. Its skinny cuts are only second to the tailored shorts that are part of the package. But this new capsule – featuring items like those familiar blazers and tailored shorts, cardigan, scarves and socks – isn’t looking to fix the wardrobe of diehard fans when they are allowed back into stadiums again. The key reason for this capsule launch is to raise funds for the Catalan Club’s Barca Foundation which is currently focused on helping less fortunate kids who are emotionally and financially affected by the current pandemic. The collection launches on October 21 and hopefully it gets more attention than that other off-field saga.

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