Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Chanel
Margaret Qualley stars in the 'Chanel 19' handbag campaign
Marine Vacth stars in the 'Chanel 19' handbag campaign
Margaret Qualley stars in the 'Chanel 19' handbag campaign
Taylor Russell stars in the 'Chanel 19' handbag campaign
The 'Chanel 19' bag in goatskin
The 'Chanel 19' bag in goatskin

You probably memorised all of Chanel’s digits by now: 31 Rue Chambon, 2.55, No. 5, J12… now, Chanel 19. But why is the latter the most important number you should be jotting down if you’re a new Chanel convert? It is the name of a bag that also became one of the last designs that the late Karl Lagerfeld and current creative director Virginie Viard worked on as a unit, meaning there’s enough backstory in this carrier that connects several eras of the fashion house’s past with the present. (No pressure, Chanel 19.) That also means owning this bag, probably brings you up to speed to what you’ve been missing in your personal fashion timeline. For those who already own precious Chanel carriers, what Chanel 19 stands for is an homage to some of its greatest hits. Ask the experts and they can probably tell you which parts of the stitching, hardware or fabric of a Chanel 19 have previously made a cameo in the extensive catalogue (the shape of this flap bag remains the same as predecessors). As an example, one can look at the strap. This double strap has been a fixture of most Chanel handbags, giving it more structure to the carry. But most importantly it features one of the most important mash-ups: the fan favourite leather interwoven between the metal chain of the Classic and the attitude-driven thick metal chain of the Boy Chanel. The bi-coloured blend of the metal as well as the matte finish also hint at where it took inspirations from. Those who are familiar with the 2.55 and Classic needn’t worry about refreshing their memories on how to operate this newbie because it has kept to a similar mould as the aforementioned. The immensely popular double C logo lock of the Classic continues its run on the Chanel 19 which arguably is where most of the visual value rests on. Meanwhile, fans will also notice the oversized diamond quilt patterns on the lambskin or calfskin variants which are larger than the so-called standard although the house has been known to toy with its proportions through the years. While we’re not an optometrist, this oversized pattern does aid the eyes to focus on your bag just a tad better (Chanel will welcome your feedback). If the first round of the Chanel 19 is anything to read into, there are already enough varieties in stock to tide you through a lifetime of wardrobe changes. From a new velvet version that feels as smooth as your Juicy sweats to one in sequins that demands to be taken out on a decent date, this new luxury handbag staple named Chanel 19 deserves a perfect 10 on our scorecards and maybe for many others who have scored theirs.


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