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THE MOST PRIZED DIY PROJECT TODAY: Louis Vuitton's and Lucara's Sethunya Rough Diamond
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Lucara
549-carat white diamond 'Sethunya' diamond

They say Louis Vuitton can sell just about everything. Well, they might be right about that as the French luxury label is going into the rough trade by acquiring another rough in the form of a 549-carat white diamond founded by Canadian mining firm Lucara Diamond Corp in the Karowe mine in Botswana in February. Named Sethunya which means flower in Setswana, this follows the news earlier this year of its 1,758-carat rough diamond find from the same company. In order to cut the stone to its best proportions, Louis Vuitton has roped in HB Antwerp to oversee the process. What is perhaps extraordinary about this deal is that the maison will sit down with the potential client to work out their wishes in how the stone should be cut, polished, and the future plans for how the diamonds are to be utilised. This offers a prized journey and insight for the owner in overseeing the stone from start to finish which is a rarity worth its weight in carats.

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