Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo
The made-to-order programme of Salavtore Ferragamo's 'Tramezza' shoe has been around since 2016
From a tablet or desktop, you're now able to get an enhanced customisation from the comforts of home
The time-honed techniques of creating the 'Tremazza' shoes haven't changed
The time-honed techniques of creating the 'Tremazza' shoes haven't changed

In the very highly secretive and specialised world of high-end shoemaking, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Tramezza construction has a special spot in this category. A mix of traditional know-how and contemporary design, a Tramezza shoe involves precise bonding between the sole and the upper whilst ensuring that the leather footwear’s shape remains intact forever. This complex construction involves over 260 steps and even takes days just to shape the leather over a wooden last. Even if the sole has been worn-out, it is able to swap a replacement without affecting the shoes’ overall shape. In 2016, Ferragamo introduced a made-to-order programme for this prized range, giving customers an experience in personalising every part of the shoe from colour to material. In going a step further in 2020, it has teamed up with Microsoft and Hevolus to bring an enhanced level of tech into the customisation experience via augmented reality. Choosing between four shoe models and nine colours, customers are also able to select initials and monograms and even have their names handwritten within each pair of shoe – all from a tablet. The best part is that this entire experience can be done remotely and allows a new form of interaction between the customer and retail staff. Customers are able to visualise their customisations via augmented reality and also engage with staff in real-time for personal consultations. Rest assured that the way Ferragamo creates the shoes still hasn’t changed.


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