Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Fendi
Fendi x K-Way is a new take on water-proof garbs
Fendi x K-Way is a new take on water-proof garbs
Fendi x K-Way is a new take on water-proof garbs

You’re familiar with this unlucky scenario: Take hours to prep and then find that your entire OOTD is overshadowed by strong winds and heavy rain like you’ve just been slimed at the Kids’ Choice Awards. So on days when you’re sceptical about the weather forecast, take time to ensure that your outfit is as weather-proof prepped as it can be. That means picking from choices that can take a momentary assault of a drizzle and then some, and still ensure that you’re looking fly. Enter this unexpected Fendi collab with K-Way. Now, you’re probably thinking “K-Way?” Yes way! For anyone with a decent understanding of utilitarian clothing will know that this Parisian label has been making water-proof and wind-proof nylon jackets for a good chunk of its 55-year history which means it knows what it is doing when it comes to ensuring your body stays dry even if you’ve been upended by a drive-by puddle hit. Fendi enters the fold to bring some swag by branding its iconic FF logo on these lightweight wares made for men, women, and kids. Expect the logo to feature on K-Way’s reversible windbreakers (it can be folded into a pouch for easy storage) as well as a bomber jacket-like version for ladies. But if these don’t sound like your idea of a good flex, Fendi and K-Way have embedded a jacket with logo patterned brown mink fur which you can switch to when indoors after you’re done tackling the harsh wet weather realities to get to your destination. Others will be left wondering how you did it.

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