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THE FLEX-IEST FEATHER IN YOUR CAP: Chanel Fine Jewellery's Plume de Chanel Ring
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Chanel
This 'Plume de Chanel' ring features white and yellow gold with diamonds
This 'Plume de Chanel' ring features white and yellow gold with diamonds

Taking the idea of a feather and turning it into jewellery is one thing; creating one that looks so lifelike and flexible like the real thing is another. Chanel Fine Jewellery has continued to tap on the feminine and fantastical appeal of this plume since its namesake founder started using it as a motif in her debut jewellery in 1932 which also means this design has been trending for close to 90 years. But rather than launch an aesthetic that’s historically rich but stuck in an era, this double ring addition has all the youthful appeal of a 2020 flex. And get this, the diamond-encrusted feather’s relative softness and high-level craftsmanship are on full display at all times of wear.


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