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RESERVED FOR THE JAPANOPHILE: Wristwatches with a Japanese Twist
Text by Kee |
Fragment Design for Bvlgari
BAPE for Bell & Ross
Nigo for Louis Vuitton
Fragment Design for TAG Heuer
Tadao Ando for Bvlgari
BAPE for Swatch
Yohji Yamamoto for Hublot

A peek at this headline and you’re probably guessing the article is a rallying cry for the prowess of Japanese watchmaking. Well, not entirely. Purists already know what Seiko, Grand Seiko, and Citizen have contributed in the grand scheme of things but what about timekeeping’s relationship with cult figures in the Japanese streetwear and architecture scenes? (We got you stumped on this point probably.) It’s a movement so discreet that the watch community hardly noticed that non-Japanese wristwatch labels are looking at Japanese creatives for ideas. And if you aren’t familiar with Japanese culture and trends to begin with – you know, like fashion – such designs probably won’t register on your radar even if they were snapped up by everyone else right under your nose. Again, if all of the above names sound alien to you, it’s time you hang around with the cool crowd.

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