HYPE & HEAL: Louis Vuitton’s I (RED) Trainers
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton
Each sale of a pair of Louis Vuitton’s 'I (RED) Trainers' will see US$200 donated to (RED)
Each sale of a pair of Louis Vuitton’s 'I (RED) Trainers' will see US$200 donated to (RED)

Let’s be honest, you’re probably doing double takes at this sneaker and its familiar colourway and wondering if it’s what you think it is. Well, it’s not. It’s also not an offshoot of a cheeky custom that was shared on social media by a bored graphic design wiz kid with an acute understanding on streetwear. These are based on the LV 408 silhouette (launched in stores just over a year ago) which is noted as the first pair of kicks that man-who-can-do-everything Virgil Abloh debuted after joining Louis Vuitton which also reference an important creative pillar for the designer. These lows are heavily influenced by skate culture and are a hint to Abloh’s true design influence. Now, he is re-releasing this silhouette as part of another charity drive, one of many in 2020 that the designer and the brands he reps have put out. This one, however, will have sneakerheads salivating at the red and white colourway for obvious reasons. (If you know you know.) Even the luggage tag attachment, which is also a feature with the original shoes, reference the Off-White zip ties that Abloh has made into a thing and a topic of conversation. Launched exclusively for (RED) – the non-profit org hoping to raise funds to eradicate AIDS from this planet – each sale of a pair will see Louis Vuitton donate US$200 to the cause. Mark your calendars for December 1 as the sneakers will be sold at select Louis Vuitton stores.

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