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Nocta is Drake's flagship deal with Nike and launches on December 18
Nocta is Drake's flagship deal with Nike and launches on December 18
Nocta is Drake's flagship deal with Nike and launches on December 18

We don’t have to tell you that things are pretty confusing right now even in the world of music. Your fave rappers are now launching fast food meals and making scented candles because – just maybe – releasing new music like in the good ol’ days just doesn’t pay the bills anymore. What hasn’t changed, however, is the increasing elevation and relevancy in their merch game. No longer are simple concert tees and sweats cutting it. The biggest stars of today have flagship deals with established labels – think Kanye West’s Yeezy and Beyoncé’s Ivy Park – that were once privy to game-changing athletes like Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, and LeBron James. Now, add long-time Nike loyalist Drake to this illustrious list as the Canadian rapper has revealed that he has made a sweet deal with the Swoosh. Together, they are launching Nocta, a name inspired by Drake’s nocturnal creative process which you can probably also translate to mean someone who clocks in serious overtime. The creator concurs: “Nocta is about creating something for people on the move. People who want functional, comfortable fits that are adaptable from one environment to the next. But as much as it’s about what we make, it’s also about a mindset: an unforgiving drive, a relentlessness. Characterised by the type who are on the road all day, all night – the grinders, the hard workers – trying to accomplish their goals and taking no short cuts.” If you’re familiar with Drake’s go-to uniform that he has championed on music videos like Hotline Bling and even for his own clothing label in OVO, then you know what to expect with this new baby of his. The singer has a thing for a good down jacket and with Nocta there appears to be plenty in its catalogue for those wanting a good flex even under sub-zero temperatures. According to him, they are “trying to make the hardest jacket, the hardest tracksuit, the hardest gloves. Just the best of that world.” In other words, this is what the self-professed GOATs of today would be wearing. The debut collection will launch on December 18.


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