Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of KMA Studio
This is Kate Moss' debut line of merch
Lila Moss stars in the campaign
The hoodies feature a print of Kate Moss' iris, lensed by Rankin in 2012

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stare into the eyes of a supermodel? Lucky you because Kate Moss has launched a series of official merch – her first, believe it or not – that stars an enlarged print of her iris. (Yes, you read that right.) This particular digital print, which has been executed on the back of black or white choices of hoodies, is based on the captivating Rankin imageries from 2012, titled Eyescapes. This series is also perhaps the closest attempt at showcasing the human soul if that adage of looking into another’s eyes is to be believed. That said, Moss isn’t taking things lightly when it comes to her debut line of goodies. This series is labelled under a newly founded company called KMA Studio which is a sister label of her namesake modelling agency. Moss is putting the word out on sustainability too as she has bet on ethically sourced organic cotton to create her hoodies and tote bags, down to the recyclable tags and packaging. The bad news is, you might have to keep your fingers crossed that you will receive this come Christmas as the collection has already been sold out. Sorry!

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