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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Chopard
Only 100 pieces of this Chopard x Kiton's 'L.U.C XP' are available
Only 100 pieces of this Chopard x Kiton's 'L.U.C XP' are available

For far too long, so-called experts of wristwatches have been loosely lobbying around the term fashion watch like a dirty slur to label what they consider to be softcore watchmaking. Well, those who still use the term fashion watch in 2020 probably has a weak command of English to begin with and are still tucking in their polo shirts and folding up their long sleeves like they are on-point fashion moves that they saw Michael Douglas successfully pull off in the ’80s. But wake up, we are in 2020 and labelling anything loosely would be like calling automobile themed wristwatches a detachable car clock. Listen, any good-looking wristwatch is a fashion watch as its serves the purpose of making you look like the coolest dude around. And that’s the point of fashion, isn’t it? Now that we have set things straight, you’re looking at what purists should be including in this category as it integrates true watchmaking and a serious fashion brand participation. Neapolitan tailoring house Kiton is lending its keen fashion sense to this Chopard-manufactured wristwatch, mastering a timekeeper that it believes would work well with most rake’s winter wardrobe. The fashion moves here are obvious, ranging from the houndstooth patterned dial inspired by its fabrics to the red button emblem at 6 o’clock that reps the tailoring brand to the authentic grey Kiton fabric strap. Those familiar with Chopard’s wares will find this version of the L.U.C XP a tad familiar too as the watchmaker has also experienced a surge in demand for similar fabric strap releases in the last few years. Kiton’s entry into watchmaking is timely too as many are expected to be exiting lockdown with even normal day dress codes expected to get fancier. All indications are pointing that this first delivery of 100 pieces won’t have a problem finding new owners.

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