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NOT JUST FOR ANY PALEONTOLOGIST, ONLY THE COOL KIND: Hermès' Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh! Minute Repeater
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Hermès
'Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh! Minute Repeater' is a unique piece
'Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh! Minute Repeater' is a unique piece
'Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh! Minute Repeater' is a unique piece
English artist Alice Shirley is behind the creation of the dial art

Although we can’t make out whether the “Aaaaargh!” in the name references the roar a T-Rex would have made or our terrified screams of coming face-to-face with one whilst doing our biz on the toilet bowl ala that infamous scene in 1993’s Jurassic Park, we know this dinosaur-themed pocket watch showcases a rare brand of wit in modern day horology which is perhaps a bit of joy we require right this moment. You can thank Hermès for offering one lucky person on this planet a (paid) chance to enjoy this seemingly friendly T-Rex art work depicted on the case of this 48mm white gold pocket watch for an infinite number of times. Keen observers of Hermès’ wares will note that this isn’t the first time that this art work has appeared in its extensive catalogue. A young English artist by the name of Alice Shirley is responsible for the art, having first created it for men’s silk scarves just under a couple of years ago. Known for her colourful portrayals of nature and its beautiful creatures, this is arguably her first time working on the subject of an extinct wild creature. Take a closer look at the T-Rex’s textured appearance here as Shirley has cleverly worked in intricate geometric patterns that are often seen on turtle shells, reworking details of what she knows best. What makes this art work on the pocket watch even more dramatic than the original silk scarf is the three-dimensional nature of her work that requires hours of meticulous handiwork to realise. Apart from the enamelling, small pieces of leather trims have been individually dyed and set as part of its head and elongated snout. The most impressive feature, however, is its jutting eye – it can also be seen on the other side of the cover – which has been painted using grand feu enamel. Flip to the see-through case back for another cheeky secret; Hermès has shaped one of its bridges into a silhouette of a T-Rex (no, we aren’t seeing things). It’s even rarer to state that the minute repeater and tourbillon housed within this unique pocket watch are simply supporting acts to the supposed creature behind the “Aaaaargh!”

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