Text by Manifesto | Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton
'Capucines bag' in 'Taurillon Game On' leather
'Vanity' bag in 'Game On Canvas' and cowhide leather
'Capucines' bag in 'Taurillon Game On' leather
'Petite Malle' in 'Game On Canvas' and cowhide leather
'Speedy' bag in 'Game On Canvas' and cowhide leather
'Archlight Game On' sneakers in printed calfskin leather
'Monogram Heart Bag' in 'Game On Monogram Canvas' and natural cowhide leather
'Dauphine' bag in 'Game On Canvas' and cowhide leather
'Paname' bags in 'Game On Monogram Canvas' and natural cowhide leather
'Monogram Heart Bag' in 'Game On Monogram Canvas' and natural cowhide leather

If there’s anything we have learnt in 2020, it’s probably not to take everything so darn seriously. The same can be said for our fashion buys which probably consist of some cloud prints and smiley faces by now. Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière has also spent this period of time looking at fashion from a different angle. What can be seen right away from his cruise 2021 presentation was a purposeful call to lift moods and put a smile back onto tired faces (and maybe even apply more love emojis in our text than hateful words). Titled Game On – which is perhaps his battle cry for us to level up on courage – the collection plays on the theme of the four suits on a deck of cards. While it might appear like a random inspiration, Ghesquière assures us that it isn’t. Back in the days, a deck of cards was what travellers on trains and ships – who were also owners of those iconic LV trunks and steamer bags – used to play on board their voyages to pass the time and seek merriment. That said, what anchors this collection is the introduction of a Game On Canvas, a multi-coloured monogram take applied onto a black or white background with contrasting colours of bright blue and poppy red as well as a tiny heart in place of the signature blossom. Such a chipper choice of tones and graphics recalls the fan favourite multi-coloured monogram canvas of the fashion house launched in 2003 under then creative director Marc Jacobs (with some help from Japanese artist Takashi Murakami). This new monogram canvas has been rendered on iconic carriers such as the Petite Malle, The Dauphine, Speedy, Neverfull, Capucines BB, Twist, and Keepall. Heck, even the Archlight trainers in white leather are blessed with a heart motif. And if you can’t get enough visuals of hearts on leather, Ghesquière has introduced the house’s first heart-shaped bag in the Monogram Heart Bag which will give self-professed romantics a chance to wear their feelings on more than just sleeves.

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