YEAR OF THE ̶O̶X̶ DORAEMON: Gucci x Doraemon
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Gucci
Gucci x Doraemon marks the first time that the beloved Japanese character has appeared on the wares of the Italian fashion house
Gucci x Doraemon jacket and dress
Gucci x Doraemon trainers and slides
Gucci x Doraemon sweaters
Gucci x Doraemon swimsuit and tee
Gucci x Doraemon jacket
Gucci x Doraemon hoodie and scarf
Gucci x Doraemon suitscase and shoulder bag

The year has barely begun but word on the street is that the ox – animal of the year in 2021, according to the Chinese zodiac – might just sit this one out thanks to Gucci. In its place? A Japanese robotic cat by the name of Doraemon who already comes with a fanatic following that is on par with any fortune feline you can name. While Gucci has already teased this Doraemon cameo last July as part of its Epilogue presentation, it has now expanded on the product offerings to include 55 examples of Doraemon plastered (with the backdrop of a Gucci webbing or logo) onto tees, bags, sneakers and even swimwear. Before you start speculating where Gucci is going with this, the capsule’s been timed for the Lunar New Year festivities which begin in mid-February. The fashion house has previously launched collabs to coincide with the occasion such as 2020’s Mickey Mouse collection, The Three Little Pigs in 2019, and even illustrations of Alessandro Michele’s two Boston Terriers in 2018. While Doraemon has bumped out the ox for 2021, many probably won’t mind considering how the pancake-loving cat is universally adored. And who knows, Doraemon might just be inducted into the Chinese zodiac for good. Thanks Gucci.


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