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COOLER THAN A GUMMY BEAR: Baccarat's Be@rbrick Necklace
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Baccarat
The necklace is available in clear, red or black crystal
The necklace is available in clear, red or black crystal
The necklace is available in clear, red or black crystal

There will come a time when the most avid fan starts looking at his or her entire collection of Be@rbricks and finally asks: “Well, what do I do with these?” The maker of these bear and brick hybrid collectibles has spared a thought for those without enough real estate to prop all of their 1,000 per cent sized figures. Working together with Baccarat, it has made fine jewellery out of these man cave toys, turning smooth and polished crystal brick figurines that it has worked on previously into easy-to-wear necklaces. Unlike previous editions with the likes of Velvet Lounge, these Be@rbricks do not have moveable limbs as they are made from a solid piece of clear, black or red crystal. Feel free to stack a few like you’re forming your own mini K-pop group on your neckline.

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