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EMMA ROBERTS TAKES THE TORCH: Fred's Pretty Woman Collection
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Fred
Emma Roberts stars in Fred's 'Your Way Your Love' collection
Emma Roberts stars in Fred's 'Your Way Your Love' collection
Emma Roberts stars in Fred's 'Your Way Your Love' collection
'Pretty Woman' necklaces in white gold with diamonds and rubellites

Just a little over three decades ago, the entire world fell in love with Julia Roberts. She became a global superstar thanks to a starring role in Pretty Woman alongside Richard Gere. If you've seen the 1990 rom-com, one necklace took part in a pivotal scene which helped to put a smile onto faces: a white gold diamond necklace made by Fred fashioned with multiple hearts and features 23 pear-cut rubies. Today, Fred is tapping on this iconic necklace as an inspiration for a new line of jewellery, nicknamed Pretty Woman. (And perhaps there is no better person to assume the lead for this campaign than Emma Roberts, the niece of Julia, who has even cosplayed in her aunt's iconic role one Halloween yonks ago.) The Pretty Woman collection centres on the same heart-shaped bling that Vivian (played by Roberts) wore in the movie. But rather than rubies like in the original, Fred has used rubellites for this update which are even rarer. And just so you can wear this on the daily, there's even a fine jewellery collection in gold and diamonds that you can work into your everyday fits. "Do you have anything in this shop as beautiful as she is?" Well, now you do.


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