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MORE MOO FOR YOUR MOOLAH: Balenciaga’s Happy Ox Earring
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Balenciaga
Balenciaga's 'Happy Ox' earring was launched for the occasion of the Lunar New Year
Balenciaga's 'Happy Ox' earring was launched for the occasion of the Lunar New Year

Navigating Lunar New Year themed fashion choices is as tricky as picking out the best ugly knits for Christmas. Sure, the intentions are good but in reality no one wins. Another print of a Chinese zodiac on a tee? Or one with a supposedly auspicious Chinese character that also looks like a clueless man’s version of a rad tattoo? Spare us the lazy visuals, please. That said, there’s still a way to pull off thematic Lunar New Year style even if all lucky shades of red don’t flatter your body type or vibe. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. A case in point is this Balenciaga earring. It features 2021’s Chinese zodiac of an ox and it flaunts all the wit and character of those gimmicky cufflinks that gents have known about for ages. Fashioned in brass and aluminium, this unisex single earring won’t outshine the rest of your outfit. What it’d do, however, is to put a smile onto faces and possibly become your next good luck charm for the rest of 2021. Bull-ieve you me.

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