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Cowhide leather and coated canvas M_Gram 4810 belt bag and gold-finished metal aviator sunglasses (Montblanc)
Cowhide leather and coated canvas M_Gram 4810 pouch (Montblanc)
Cowhide leather and coated canvas M_Gram 4810 sling backpack (Montblanc)
Cowhide leather and coated canvas M_Gram 4810 backpack and gold-finished metal and nappa leather MB 01 headphones (Montblanc)

For a label that’s been giving us top-level writing instruments, price-savvy mechanical wristwatches, and dependable leather goods for as long as the current oldest human being has been alive on this planet (read: a really long time), Montblanc’s about to flip the switch and start betting on its wares being on-trend from the get-go. And judging by how it has got consistency down pat, adding that flashy element to its design blueprint is likely to draw comparisons to similar plush goods from top European fashion houses. Enter its on-point proposal in the M_Gram 4810, a name with an unintentional Wheel of Fortune twist to it (take a guess on the word). This M-patterned monogram (hint, hint) has been plucked from the archives and revised for a 2021 cameo on its set of leather goods. The design team studied geometry and lettering of graphics that it used nearly a century ago during the Art Deco era – it launched leather goods in 1926 – devising a fresh look that isn’t too far away from the original approach. The M-patterned logo takes on a 30-degree angle and tiled in a manner that recollects striking tribal patterns. Furthermore, it has been endowed with an electrifying shade of blue that contrasts wonderfully with the dark PVC coated-canvas and cowhide leather. The M_Gram 4810 also covers the spectrum of carriers that bridges the gap between a modern day flex from today’s in-crowd and the busy bees who much prefer tried-and-tested formulas. From belts bags to tote bags to even document holders to long wallets, it banks on this graphic print to turn heads. And chances are, it will. Simply because yours isn’t like everyone else’s.

Photography: Jeff Ip
Styling: Sarah Lam
Make-up: Eddy Liu
Hair: Lupus Chiu
Models: Clarita and Takuro
Clothes courtesy of Tory Burch (for her) and Sandro Homme (for him)

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