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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Sarpaneva
The second release of Sarpaneva's 'Moomin' timepiece is limited to only 20 pieces
The second release of Sarpaneva's 'Moomin' timepiece is limited to only 20 pieces
The second release of Sarpaneva's 'Moomin' timepiece is limited to only 20 pieces

Finnish timekeeping humourist Stepan Sarpaneva spent a good part of the lockdown in 2020 in his atelier at the former stomping ground of Nokia in Helsinki to concoct a new wristwatch that might have made you wonder if he was pulling a fast one. (This comes from a watchmaker who has found fame with his moon face features that are fashioned after his own candid facial expression.) But lo and behold, his unveiling of a new mechanical last August sold out faster than you can bat an eyelid and even got him a major nom at the timekeeping versions of the Oscars that same year. What he made has now become the unofficial Holy Grail of licensed Moomin merch. Yes, the friendly hippo-like fictional species of trolls created by Tove Jansson in 1945 has been legitimised in serious horology. All 75 pieces in stainless steel sold out. Sarpaneva knows that this self-winding wristwatch isn’t for everyonehell, not created for everyone is even his brand’s taglinebut just because you’re finding it hard to connect with your inner child doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate the genius of its dial work which at a quick glance looks like the result of Swiss paper cut art housed inside a 38.7mm case. What Sarpaneva has been adamant in realising on this layered dial, however, are the magical qualities of Moomin. Appearing in black-and-white form in daytime, the garden background inspired by original artwork has been lavished with several shades of Super-Luminova that glows in the dark and brings to life a scene mimicking the beauties of light on stained glass. Now, the good news is that Sarpaneva has made another 20 more pieces thanks to popular demand, and they’re exclusively available at horology specialist The Hour Glass. This version features a two-tone case in stainless steel and red gold. Just be prepared for others to ask what a Moomin really is.

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