BECAUSE BEING IN THE SHADOWS IS NOT YOUR VIBE: Balenciaga’s Glow in the Dark Collection
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Balenciaga
Balenciaga's 'Glow in the Dark' collection is said to light up in the dark
Balenciaga's 'Glow in the Dark' collection is said to light up in the dark

We know that feeling when you’ve spent all week trying to find the right outfit to stunt. Then, you hit the clubs and the only thing you can get a glimpse of in pitch black is the tipple you’re barely holding onto that’s lit by some random phone flash photography. Balenciaga’s going to write some wrongs in that department by dropping a capsule that will have everyone looking in your direction as though you’re accessorising with an angel’s halo. It has launched a Glow in the Dark capsule of tees, pool slides, baseball caps, and socks that ensures when someone says you’re glowing it isn’t because of a new moisturiser in your skincare regiment. Balenciaga states that each piece from the capsule lights up “after being activated with any light source” and will keep the glow for as long as you’re in the right conditions (read: the rave party kind).

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