BREAKING BREAD THE FASHION WAY: Maison Margiela x Tommy Cash
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Maison Margiela
Maison Margiela x Tommy Cash loafers
Maison Margiela x Tommy Cash loafers
Maison Margiela x Tommy Cash noodles
Maison Margiela x Tommy Cash t-shirt and sweater

If these bread slippers are vibing with you on all levels right now, you’re either hungry or need these pronto. We’ll point you in the right way if it is the latter. A result of a collab between Maison Margiela and Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, these comfy trompe l'oeil bedroom slippers are just part of a merch collection launched in mid-March packed with irreverence and wit. The idea first popped in 2019 at a Rick Owens exhibition when Cash showed a pair of these slippers (carved from an actual loaf of bread probably due to budget constraints) which were tagged with an unofficial use of the Maison Margiela logo. Lo and behold, an official version has now been released that is even wrapped in a plastic packaging resembling those from a real grocery store buy. That’s not all, Tommy Cash has even included an instant noodle pack as part of this collab, though there’s a warning label that it is not approved for consumption but rather for keeps. For those looking for more wearable wearables, the capsule also has a few staple tees and a hoodie with both their names superimposed to match the bootlegged spirit that kickstarted this entire creative dialogue in the first place.

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