Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Sotheby's
The 'Air Yeezy 1' comes with a wooden box with an etching by the shoe's creator Mark Smith
The 'Air Yeezy 1' is expected to fetch over a million dollars
The 'Air Yeezy 1' comes with a wooden box with an etching by the shoe's creator Mark Smith
The 'Air Yeezy 1' comes with a wooden box with an etching by the shoe's creator Mark Smith

Because Kanye West just reached billionaire status (correct it to multi-billionaire if you ask Kanye West himself), even his sneakers are now playing catch-up. The crazy news is that now his grail amongst grails of a 21st century sneaker has been blessed with a millionaire status by Sotheby’s, a seven-figure pricing that smells more of alternate reality than money. That said, these Air Yeezy 1 in question were the prototypes he wore when he gave an emotional performance of Hey Mama and Stronger at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards in 2008. Then, the entire Kanye West-Nike relationship was kept on the down low and cyber sleuths were cracking their heads as to the alien silhouette he was flexing. Though just a prototype, it was the earliest view of the Yeezy mould that has now become a money-spinning empire for Adidas since West joined in 2013. Even today, his Nike Air Yeezy I and Air Yeezy II are the still some of the most sought-after grails, trading for tens of thousands online. These Air Yeezy 1 shoes are currently available for viewing at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre until April 21. Interested buyers can give Sotheby's a buzz for the deets.

UPDATE: The final hammer price for the sneakers peaked at US$1.8 million, a new record for such footwear. It is nearly triple the amount paid last year for a 1985 Jordan 1s worn by Micheal Jordan.

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