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'Mr Porter Futures' is Mr Porter's a first of its kind global and comprehensive talent search

When it comes to menswear, very few people know what it means to reach today’s consumers – and that includes fashion designers themselves. It’s fair to say Mr Porter knows the entire drill, down to what trendsetters want in their wardrobes to the art of telling a good story. The truth is, it’s a complicated world out there and any up-and-coming menswear designer with dreams of making it big some day wouldn’t exactly know the ins and outs of what it takes to navigate in this overly saturated market. The good news is, Mr Porter is finally reaching out by introducing a mentorship programme called Mr Porter Futures. Call this a global talent search if you must because any aspiring menswear designer hoping to get a head start in the biz would be salivating at this op, which is launched to coincide with Mr Porter's 10th anniversary. And Mr Porter is leaving the doors open for any designer with an ambition, which means any fresh-faced designer can throw their hat into the game. There are a few key points to note though: Said designer "cannot already own a registered or trademarked business with an annual turnover of over €10,000”, must be able to develop at a 15-piece “responsibly sourced and produced” menswear collection with Mr Porter, and must be able to undertake the majority of the programme remotely (which runs from September 2021 to September 2022 in London). The bad news is that only three names will be chosen for this inaugural edition, which will see each designer launch their own brand and collection. The judging panel for Mr Porter Futures includes some influential names like Tatsuo Hino (director of Beams), designers Nicholas Daley and Reese Cooper, Olie Arnold (Mr Porter style director), and Sam Kershaw (Mr Porter buying director). Interested applicants have until June 6 to submit their applications via the link below. Good luck!



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