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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Chanel
Lip rings made a cameo in Chanel's cruise 2021 runway show
Lip rings made a cameo in Chanel's cruise 2021 runway show
Lip rings made a cameo in Chanel's cruise 2021 runway show
Lip rings made a cameo in Chanel's cruise 2021 runway show
Cara Delevingne wore a lip ring at a Chanel event in 2015

It happened to be one of those moments that you probably reference to your (future) grandkids. Where were you when Chanel placed lip rings on models? Well, it happened at the cruise 2021 runway show, held on May 4, that was once again FROW-less but not any less glamour-filled. Filmed at the majestic grounds of Carrières de Lumières in Les Baux-de-Provence, select models repped Virginie Viard’s rocker references to a tee with heavy eyeliner and a boss-level type walk. But it was those aforementioned lip rings that though appear like a speck on video, its impact was anything but small. Fashioned after the iconic double Cs of the storied fashion house, these clip-ons have perhaps got its reference point from a Cara Delevingne moment back in 2015 when she attended a Chanel Mademoiselle Privé event in London wearing a standard lip ring paired with a feisty red lipstick (with Karl Lagerfeld’s blessing, perhaps). And even back then, such a simple accessorising gesture stole all the thunder from the high jewellery choker she was wearing – and arguably even her Chanel frock. And just like those unassuming logo leggings that Viard introduced in previous seasons that have earned its fair share of good reviews, these lip rings are proof that no small detail goes unappreciated in a Chanel runway show, even if none of us were in attendance.


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