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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Chanel
Chanel's 'J12 Electro Dream'
Chanel's 'J12 Electro Dream'
Chanel's 'J12 Electro Dream'

Very few wristwatches in the world today require an introduction. The J12, Chanel’s strongest contribution to horology, ranks in the same bracket of well-known silhouettes as the Subs, the Luminors, and the Royal Oaks of timekeeping. No longer is the J12 regarded as the timepiece that sneaked onto the winner’s podium through the backdoor. Long considered as the gateway wristwatch for women getting into fine watchmaking, it has even managed to endow the lightweight and hardy ceramic material with a new brand of sexiness and relevancy throughout the last two decades and counting. Admittedly, a ceramic wristwatch – because of its glossy finish and lightness – won’t win over anyone looking for the cold hard feel of metal on flesh. On top of that, Chanel knows that those who have bought into the J12 storyline and design years ago might not be enticed on getting a repeat – of which it is attempting to close that loophole pronto. Enter the J12 Electro Dream, a limited release that is made specifically for diehards of the series. This rendition of the crowd favourite is a unique blend of moods: the energy of Saturday Night Fever and the vibrant neons of Miami Vice. The rainbow hues might not be as showy as a gem-set bezel variant that other J12s are now offering, but it doesn’t lack the personality either. Set against its signature sleek black ceramic, multi-coloured numerals and indexes channel a chipper Warhol-esque pop art colour scheme. And we don’t have to tell you how much of an uplifting change this colour chart can bring to your mood. Don’t show this to purist though; they might not be able to logicalise its brilliance.


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