Text by Kee | Photo courtesy of Gap
Yeezy Gap is a long-term collaboration between Gap and Kanye West

By now, you might have noticed a Gap-ish blue puffy jacket image floating around the internet (or as a projection on walls in your city) which would likely have you asking: “Hey, is it chilly enough to wear a puffy jacket out now?” If by chilly you mean cool, then the answer is a resounding yes. That’s because self-proclaimed multi-billionaire and rumoured Irina Shayk main squeeze Kanye West has unveiled the first drop of the highly anticipated reawakening of the Gap brand under his charge, named Yeezy Gap, a deal that was signed, sealed, and delivered last June. This recycled nylon jacket, which looks like a puffier version of a cardigan, has already been worn in public by the man in question in his bid to give hypebeastiality lovers a fashion version of an Easter egg hunt. Priced at US$200, the jacket is only available for pre-orders in the U.S. for now which means those outside those area codes can expect to pick up this future grail on the secondary market for quadruple the price. As if you didn’t already know, anything Yeezy is as good of a currency as any.

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