Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Mulberry
Alexa Chung helms the new 'Alexa' handbags for Mulberry
Alexa Chung helms the new 'Alexa' handbags for Mulberry
Alexa Chung helms the new 'Alexa' handbags for Mulberry
Alexa Chung helms the new 'Alexa' handbags for Mulberry

Amazon’s Alexa may have raked in billions of dollars since 2015 but so what because Mulberry’s Alexa handbag has a stranglehold on the hearts and minds of fashion insiders since its debut in 2010. Considered as the second most popular bag for the British label – Bayswater claims the top spot – the Alexa was unceremoniously shown the exit door in 2016 when then in-house designer Johnny Coca decided to wipe the slate clean. Call it bonkers to ignore an easy pay day but perhaps it was a move that helped to massage its demand during its near five-year hiatus. But it was in late 2020 that Mulberry dropped news that the Alexa handbag, which is known for its relaxed satchel shape, would be returning to its line-up in a variety of colours and sizes. Apart from that, the bags are manufactured in carbon-neutral U.K. factories and the leather used is only sourced from environmentally-accredited tanneries. Now, Mulberry is lacing its latest Alexa handbags with even more clout by tapping on the services of Alexa Chung, the model who first inspired these bags in the first place. The 37-year-old has given her approval on a few variations of the new namesake handbag, nicknamed Big Guy and Little Guy. The former is a top handle bag that has been streamlined for the office carry down to its luxe exterior options to chic chain strap while the latter is a double-strapped downsized version fit for a night on the town. Both versions come with the Postman’s Lock that has been a fixture for the house. Don’t worry if you’re still salivating for those OG versions as Chung hasn’t forgotten about the good ol’ days. She has given her blessing to two new sizes to keep up with the times, an oversized and a mini Alexa that will tide you through the next decade and beyond.

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