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BE AS FLY AS LADY GAGA: Schiaparelli’s Dove Brooch
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Schiaparelli
Schiaparelli's 'Dove Brooch' made of brass
Schiaparelli's 'Dove Brooch' made of brass
Schiaparelli's 'Dove Brooch' made of brass
Schiaparelli's 'Dove Brooch' made of brass
Lady Gaga on Inauguration Day in a Schiaparelli number

It was the brooch seen around the world. Sized bigger than the biggest hand you know, this hammered gold brooch of a dove holding an olive branch with its beak became more than just a surrealistic accent on Lady Gaga’s attire during the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden in January. Blessed by Schiaparelli’s Daniel Roseberry, it represented hope, unity, and peace at a time when the nation – and the world – was at its most divided. If you were already figuring out a way to DIY a version after seeing Lady Gaga win the occasion with her accessorising choice, you can shelf those plans as Schiaparelli will be stocking four versions of this iconic Dove Brooch in two sizes (9cm and 12cm) including a version in white. While they are not available in the same majestic size as the one Lady Gaga proudly flaunted for the cameras, these promise to steal the thunder in similar fashion. In better news, all proceeds from the sale of the brooch will benefit Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation that supports movements to address youth mental health. Roseberry states, “Like so many of us, I have been inspired by Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation for years. Her inauguration performance, and the symbolic Dove Brooch, is a milestone in the history of this maison and in my life. It is with great pride that we are able to contribute to Gaga's foundation and the remarkable work it has done in the lives of young people everywhere, moving them towards more freedom, kindness, and love.”


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