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A RAINBOW YOU CAN RELY ON: Bvlgari's Allegra High Jewellery Watch
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bvlgari
Bvlgari's 'Allegra High Jewellery Watch'
Bvlgari's 'Allegra High Jewellery Watch'
Bvlgari's 'Allegra High Jewellery Watch'

Lucia Silvestri, Bvlgari’s creative director for jewellery, has shared on numerous occasions about her natural bond with gemstones. Polished and cut gems in loose form are often found on her working desk at the office or home as she enjoys sharing private moments with the sparkling stones in order to get a feel of where each piece would end up next. Sometimes, she would place the stones in the palm of her hands and gently feel the depth and mood that each one is said to radiate. She also taps on the healing effects of these precious stones, a sort of new age therapy if you will. While not all of us are gemstone whisperers, there’s a small part of us that wish for such a skillset. Well, the good news is that you can attempt to do so without being weird about it. Bvlgari’s Allegra wristwatch is that easy-on-the-eyes alternative in placing a catalogue worthy line-up of coloured gems at your disposal at all times. Set on the bezel of this wristwatch are several faves in a variety of cuts such as citrines, amethysts, blue topazes, a peridot, and a rhodolite. Surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds, this high jewellery wristwatch lets you come in close contact with the gems as and when you require to wish away any bad juju. It might not work for everyone but there’s little doubt that this makes for a nice show-and-tell.

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