WHEN YOUR SNEAKERS NEED A DENTAL PLAN: Kerwin Frost for Adidas Originals
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Kerwin Frost
Kerwin Frost for Adidas Originals

When Jeremy Scott’s re-appearance under the Adidas Originals roster was announced earlier this year, you can start placing bets that what the sportswear maker has lined-up for the rest of 2021 is bordering on batshit crazy. Now, Harlem-born DJ Kerwin Frost has unveiled that things are about to go through the roof and it doesn’t even have a JS co-sign to the release. On his Instagram, the 26-year-old teased a shot of the Forum High that will make whatever My Little Pony shoes that kids favour look like cheap imitations. First and foremost, Frost placed a set of buckwild teeth on shoes – it includes gums and all – along with a nose on the laces as well as a set of cut-out eyes as an additional tab on the laces. And just to ensure that the entire package looks like wearable collage, he gave the shoe a blonde wig to match (though we think that’s for display purposes only). The footwear is set for September release with a price in the region of US$250.

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