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ROCK & RULE: Bvlgari's B.zero1 Rock
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bvlgari
The 'B.zero1 Rock' by Bvlgari now has a glitzy chainlink to match

All the biggest entertainers you know today have at least one of these in their accessorising kit. A coincidence? We don’t think so. The jewellery game’s resident heartbreaker, the 1 Rock by Bvlgari, is Hollywood-certified and attitude-personified. And if you considered its first appearance in early 2020 as cool AF, be prepared to make space on your fingers and neckline for the upgrade.

Only a handful of existing jewellery designs in the world today have sold millions and made billions. Bvlgari knows about this subject matter all too well. The B.zero1, which the Roman jeweller launched in 1999, is just one of those examples in its extensive catalogue that carries around said badge of honour without ever boasting about its biz. But if pressure creates diamonds, then certainly the B.zero1 carried all the weight of expectations when it first debuted. It was the jeweller’s symbolic take on the end of the millennium and the start of a new one (which is one of the explanations of that zero 1 in its moniker). Its look was unexpected but not entirely unusual coming from the Bvlgari think tank. The sizeable gold band is said to be inspired by the majestic architecture of Rome’s Colosseum and the spiral markings on the ring are a tribute to the tubogas technique that has been influential for the jeweller since the early 1900s (think of the mystifying springy coiled bands of the Serpenti).

The B.zero1 might have started its design story as a solid yellow gold ring but its surge in popularity has seen the jeweller include a variety of new materials into the mix as well as its expansion into categories such as bracelets, earrings, and pendant necklaces. But it was in 2020, when B.zero1 turned 21, that it finally let loose. Called B.zero1 Rock, the classic blueprint has taken a backseat to unveil an edgier aesthetic for the leather jacket-wearing, eyeliner-loving, whiskey sour-swirling crowd. What’s new? The introduction of studs looped around its core with some versions lined in black ceramic.

What makes this new aesthetic stick is that it’s not about the age of the design, but about the character. And if you get the chance, close your eyes and run your fingers on the metal of the B.zero1 Rock. That multi-textured surface feel is that touch of character we’re talking about, a sense of soul that may not exist in your previous jewellery buys. The inclusion of studs in the Bvlgari design universe, however, isn’t as random as someone getting body ink in a drunken stupor. The design team lifted these shapely pyramid-like studs from the ’80s, which appeared on a line of Tubogas necklaces.

Now, Bvlgari is expanding on the design framework of the B.zero1 Rock with several new references that you probably thought was only achievable via your bespoke jeweller. While the gilded studs remain untouched on the B.zero1 Rock, it is the offering of a matching chainlink design in a variety of sizes as well as gold and diamond options that hint at some new ways of wear. Look closer at the chainlink motif and you can see the outline of the B.zero1, particularly the distinctive shape of the two ends of the band. The necklace also offers the option of a small rounded pendant that mimics the rings. But if you prefer to thread it with your OG B.zero1 bands or B.zero1 Rock versions, feel free to find your fit. You already know the B.zero1 Rock doesn’t come with rules of wear and restrictions.

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