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Cartier's 'SolarBeat Tank Must'
Junghans' 'Max Bill Mega Solar'
Seiko's 'Prospex Ref. SNE571P1'
Bering's 'Solar'
Citizen's 'Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand 200m'
Believe it or not, solar-powered wristwatches are highly underrated. And frankly, it probably doesn’t even rank in the top ten features of what most people would look for in a wristwatch. (Even eco-friendly straps garner better headlines). Just like quartz counterparts, solar-powered wristwatches are highly accurate if compared to self-winding versions. The maintenance of it is non-fussy either; it powers up when in contact with sunlight or any artificial light source. Sounds like a superhero of a wristwatch, doesn’t it? To be fair, whilst this isn’t a new feature, its marketing does lack that save-the-world Tesla-level edge. Now, if you think this variety profiles like a regular geeky gadget rather than something dressy to go with your suit and tie, that’s where you’re dead wrong. In the same manner that today’s fashion designers are making conscious garments that look and feel familiar, solar-powered wristwatches come in a variety of looks too, from sporty to formal to even casual. And if you’re all in for sustainability, some watchmakers even make variants featuring eco-friendly materials, putting their solar-powered wristwatches in a unique positioning too. Hopefully, more watchmakers notice this change in lifestyle and don’t drop the ball on this op. Mother Nature’s counting on you.
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