Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Juventus
Loro Piana's arrival uniforms for Juventus
Loro Piana's arrival uniforms for Juventus
Loro Piana's arrival uniforms for Juventus
Loro Piana's arrival uniforms for Juventus

If you’re asking what’s a Ronaldo, you can probably stop reading here. One of the world’s greatest footballers snagged all of the headlines as of late when he announced a shocking exit from Juventus football club last Friday to rejoin Manchester United, the English football club that helped turn him into a global superstar well over a decade ago. That said, don’t feel sorry for Juventus that they have lost their star player as well as registering a loss in their first outing since that major transfer news. One thing’s for sure, the Italian team still looks as put together as several hundred million bucks – well, they’re probably valued as such in the sport – when the players and even manager did their tunnel walk into the Allianz Stadium to play Empoli over the weekend. A key reason for their swag is thanks to clothing sponsor Loro Piana who has dressed the team in some super soft long-sleeved polos and cotton trous since the first game of the season merely two weeks ago. Lavished in earthy tones, it’s a breakaway from the black-and-white striped uniform of the Bianconeri and certainly a far cry from the yellow-white-blue ensemble of their away kit. Loro Piana has prepped another fit for the 36-time Serie A champ when the temps drop in a few months: a shirt, cardi, and jacket combo that will make them look like if The Office characters had a legit Italian tailor on speed dial. We guess that CR7’s cussing that he's missing out…?

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