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'Kaiser Karl' will be based on the biographical book of the same name
We can’t be sure if the late Karl Lagerfeld had ever been to Disneyland. In fact, he once described that he felt like a Mickey Mouse, a theme park attraction for children to play with. And probably the closest photographic evidence of his proximity to the House of Mouse is a picture floating around on the net of Lily Collins in Disneyland wearing a tee with Lagerfeld’s portrait on it – and he had on a pair of Minnie Mouse ears (Photoshopped, of course). So why are we talking about the legendary fashion designer and Disney? That’s because streaming network Disney Plus has just commissioned a six-part TV drama series about his life, produced by Lupin producers Gaumont. The working title is Kaiser Karl and it is the first time that the Chanel icon will have a dedicated series based on his life which isn’t a docuseries. Variety reports that the story will begin from the summer of 1972, when he was still the designer for Chloé and Fendi... and not yet a household name. What is interesting to note is that the script will be based on a 2019 biographical book of the same title as the series, written by investigative journo Raphaëlle Bacqué who got the chance to sit down with Lagerfeld for several no holds barred interviews (the only kind he did really) about his life. Expect all the tea to be spilt on this one including what it was like to work for several fashion houses at once, his social circle of Warhol and Hall as well as his romantic relationships. Disney Plus ain’t playing around.
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