THAT BLANKIE THOUGH...: Cardi B’s Louis Vuitton Blanket Cameo
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Cardi B just gave birth to her second child with Offset
Louis Vuitton's classic 'Monogram' blanket in wool and cashmere
Louis Vuitton's classic 'Monogram' blanket in wool and cashmere
Louis Vuitton's classic 'Monogram' blanket in wool and cashmere

Let’s not even pretend that Cardi B didn’t just make another money move. The 28-year-old WAP star just gave birth to her second child with Offset, who is the also the baby daddy of her three-year-old daughter Kulture. But it was the first pic of that tender moment with their newborn son that had everyone’s eyes drawn to the Louis Vuitton classic Monogram blanket that was keeping her warm. Talk about stealing the thunder, lightning, and then some. So, hey if you plan to splurge like how Cardi B did, just know that this isn’t some limited edition drop that you can only cop on the secondary market. The wool and cashmere blanket is still stocked in LV stores worldwide and might cost you just over US$1,500 or so. Who said looking like a glam queen after you just pushed out a child was easy (on the wallet)?


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