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THAT'S SOME SERIOUS BIG BOX ENERGY: Tiffany & Co. x Daniel Arsham
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany & Co. enlisted Daniel Arsham to work on a sculpture of its famous box
Tiffany & Co. enlisted Daniel Arsham to work on a sculpture of its famous box
Arsham Studio designed a special 'Knot' bracelet (centre) as part of the collab

Honestly, who doesn’t a love a good box? You can admit it especially if you don't work at the postal service. And if you’re too shy to talk about your box fetish, there are enough unboxing videos online and storage unit services available to confirm what we already know. And guess what? Tiffany & Co. also knows you love its packaging too, particularly those robin egg blue ones that have been a signature of the American label since forever. Now, it has unveiled what is perhaps its most gilded version to date, and it’s one you can’t unbox (well, not exactly anyway). It has commissioned the busiest artist on the fashion collab roster, Daniel Arsham, to create 49 examples of a bronze sculpture of the pop culture-famous box, fashioned in a manner like one of his well-known Future Relics series. That means the sculpture is treated to look heavily worn (eroded in Arsham-speak), akin to a lost treasure found at the bottom of the sea. And don’t freak out on our Inception-level reference because Arsham has also created a box for this box. It looks like a mini cargo crate – in robin egg blue of course – that safely protects the bronze sculpture. (And yes, it's essentially two boxes for the price of one.) As part of the collab, Arsham has also remixed one of Tiffany’s Knot bracelets, fashioned in white gold and embellished with tsavorites and diamonds. Prepare to get your big box energy ready for September 9 as there will be more than a few takers for this.

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