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A WATCH WITH A 500-THREAD COUNT: Hermès' Arceau Toucan de Paradis
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Hermès
The dial of the 'Arceau Toucan de Paradis' is made using a technique inspired by those observed in a kimono-making workshop
The art work is based on an Hermès silk scarf
Each thread is individually applied by hand

Ask anyone in the trade about the finesse required to create an enamelled dial and they will have you know it is an art form that those with a lack of patience would not term as a stress relieving activity. For its latest outing, Hermès isn’t just relying on enamelling to tell a story on a self-winding wristwatch With the Arceau Toucan de Paradis, which is based on a silk scarf illustration from 2020, Hermès is levelling up by adding another artistic craft as an add-on to the enamelling and watchmaking aspects. It has created a textured dial using hand-placed silk threads to create the colourful toucan motif, a technique inspired by a similar course of action observed in a kimono weaving workshop in Japan. Roughly 500 threads are carefully assembled on an already-enamelled white gold base, of which this process takes up to a week to complete. Oh, and if you think that’s about it, the 38mm wristwatch also features a bezel set with 38 diamonds. How’s that for finesse? Limited to 24 pieces.

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