Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Iris van Herpen
Grimes' Met Gala look was partly inspired by the movie 'Dune'
Grimes' Met Gala look was partly inspired by the movie 'Dune'
Grimes' Met Gala look was partly inspired by the movie 'Dune'

And there you thought Balenciaga’s fall 2021 collection which features medieval-inspired armour as ready-to-wear was batshit crazy. Enter Grimes in an Iris van Herpen garb that’s already a guarantee that the singer will look like a time-travelling future being who has somehow found her way onto the Met Gala red carpet in 2021. It took a few hundred hours to create this gown, which features hand-pleated silk and laser-cut bits that appear like her skin has been embedded with gills. Even the silver mask she wore is on-point with the fit, a Dune theme that she was after, a timely homage to the remake of the movie that will hit theatres soon. This mask is said to be an original prop which film geeks might be tipping their hats to the reference. However, what stole the show was a broadsword that she was wielding around on the red carpet with the approval from the enhanced security. While this version might not be as cool as the designs seen in Dune, there is a deeper meaning to its make that deserves applauding. The medieval-inspired sword weighs just like the real deal and it is made up of smelted parts of a Colt AR-15A3, a weapon sourced from a gun owner who gave up the firearm for a personal reason. (Include all your anti-NRA feelings here.) And there you have it, a Canadian serving up futuristic Americana created by a Dutch designer whilst holding on to an old-looking sword made from modern metal parts (and there's that portable book light too). Ah, fashion.

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