THAT "ONE IN A MILLION" MET GALA LOOK: Jeremy O. Harris in Tommy Hilfiger
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger and Getty Images
Jeremy O. Harris was inspired by Aaliyah for his Met Gala look
Jeremy O. Harris was inspired by Aaliyah for his Met Gala look
One of Aaliyah's Tommy Hilfiger looks became a reference point for Jeremy O. Harris
Jeremy O. Harris was inspired by Aaliyah for his Met Gala look

How much do we all still miss Aaliyah? Apparently too damn much. Some of us are still looping the hits since the entire catalogue officially entered our streaming channels, while others are buying the commemorative merch from her record label. It’s been 20 years since the passing of one of R&B’s brightest talents and there’s perhaps no better stage to celebrate her profound influence that transcends music than at the Met Gala. This unexpected homage also came from an unlikely source. Critically-acclaimed American playwright Jeremy O. Harris – he wrote Slave Play that garnered 12 Tony Award noms which is the most achieved for a non-musical play – went to the Met Gala in a curiously oversized yellow regatta jacket which was made by Tommy Hilfiger. This item was a riff on a particular yellow parka with a silver lining made by the same American designer, whose name has been forever attached to the memory of Aaliyah as he aided her in shaping ‘90s fashion. Harris didn’t want an identical fit as Aailyah's but decided on an oversized silhouette for the yellow regatta jacket, sort of an opera jacket-like version befitting of the grandeur of the occasion. He had even requested that the black pleated pants he wore under the jacket came with a famed Tommy Hilfiger branded band that references the high-rise way that his culture flexed branded boxer shorts that peeked from one's trousers – a look that Aaliyah helped popularise back in the day. 20 years on and Aaliyah's legeacy is still being repped on a prestigious platform that's often obsessed about those Hepburn and Monroe moments. This moment, on the other hand, just can't be scripted any better.

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