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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Undone
Undone's 'The 456' is inspired by Netflix's most popular non-English TV series
Undone's 'The 456' is inspired by Netflix's most popular non-English TV series
Undone's 'The 456' is inspired by Netflix's most popular non-English TV series
When Netflix came clean and admitted that South Korean TV series Squid Game might just be its most watched non-English show ever, you start to think it has something to do with having red jumpsuits as a wardrobe essential. (TV producers, take mental notes.) While TV junkies all over the world are waiting on a serious onslaught of merch to follow – it makes sense as a follow-up considering there are tens of millions potential customers – Undone has taken the first step to create a mechanical wristwatch that is thematically linked to the TV series though it stopped short of mentioning Netflix or Squid Game in its marketing. Aside from treading on legal fine line, Undone’s self-winding wristwatch is as close to a super cool Squid Game bootleg merch you can get your hands on at this moment. The 40mm stainless steel case is treated in stealthy matte black and the dial features a fibre mesh texture that mimics those fencing mask-inspired versions worn by those jumpsuit-clad guards. Flip to the closed case back to view the numbers 456 printed on a resin panel inspired by the green tracksuit that the protagonist wore in the show. And if anyone asks you the significance of these numbers, well, don’t waste your time explaining to someone who actually has a life outside of binge-watching TV. The watch retails for – you guessed it – US$456.

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