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EVEN HARRY STYLES APPROVED: Joc Pederson's Pearl Necklace
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Joc Pederson and his lucky pearl necklace
Joc Pederson and his lucky pearl necklace
Joc Pederson and his lucky pearl necklace
Joc Pederson and his lucky pearl necklace

Some of the greatest athletes are known to be superstitious. Serena Williams would wear the same pair of socks if she is on a winning streak, Tiger Woods would pick a red shirt when he is in the final round of a tournament, and Michael Jordan was known to wear his college shorts under his regular NBA shorts as a good luck charm. But in 2021, American baseball player Joc Pederson sported the unthinkable when he took to the pitch for the Atlanta Braves. He made a pearl necklace his thing ala Harry Styles. It must have worked because the outfielder won the World Series for his team, their first since 1995. This necklace was customised by Happy Jewelers and according to them it is the first time a player had ever requested for a pearl necklace. Such was this style move by Pederson that the Braves were even hawking US$5 replica versions as part of its merch – though the star player’s version costs in the region of US$4,000. There is even talk that the necklace broke during the World Series and the jeweller was flown out to fix it. Abit much? Probably not as the proof is in the pudding.


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