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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of F.P. Journe and Only Watch
The 'FFC Blue' sold for over CHF4.5 million at the Only Watch auction
The 'FFC Blue' sold for over CHF4.5 million at the Only Watch auction
The 'FFC Blue' sold for over CHF4.5 million at the Only Watch auction

You’re probably wondering: Is that a blue Iron Man hand or did someone remake the Infinity Gauntlet? Well, no… and no. But first thing’s first – here’s a wristwatch so unusual that at first glance, you probably wouldn’t be able to confidently pinpoint its maker. This is the result of a collab between F.P. Journe and director Francis Ford Coppola – who knew they were pals? – that started sometime in 2012 when the former was at the famed auteur’s home in Napa Valley having dinner. Humblebrag aside, Journe lets on that (an obviously still sober) Coppola asked the question about whether it is possible to tell time with a hand on a watch. Journe took his query quite seriously and literally and brought this puzzle back to his humble workshop in Switzerland to figure out how to “display 12 hours with five fingers.” Journe didn’t take long to figure out how it could be done, cracking the algorithm like solving a Rubik cube blindfolded. Upon receiving a notice from his unlikely project partner, Coppola came up with a sketch of that Marvel hero-like costume hand and sent it to Journe to decipher. It was just over two years ago that Journe finally found the time to put this idea into motion. Using the premise of an automaton solely powered by the mainspring, the blue hand is able to sign the hour of the day via its fingers – from one to 12 – while it remains in a fixed position on top of the openworked dial. Reading the minutes will prove to be pain-free: Simply peep at the arrow at 12 o’clock to see where it lands on the rotating minute ring that’s on the periphery of the dial. Made exclusively for the Only Watch auction held on November 6 in Geneva, this unique piece sold for over CHF4.5 million, becoming the most expensive independently made wristwatch sold in such a setting.

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