Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Cat Person
Jason Wu has collobrated with Cat Person on a collection of accessories for cats
'Mesa' food bowl
'Jason Catnip' pounce toy
A signature hoodie with an original Jason Wu illustration
'Skylight' litter box

Feline owners will readily acknowledge that humans are just merely serving these god’s creatures known as cats only because they have yet to develop opposable thumbs. Once they do, we’re probably screwed. But for now, cat lovers are doing their best to ensure their future masters are well fed and comfy. As a cat owner, designer Jason Wu confirms that he treats his two cats like little human beings, which is all the reason he needs to provide it with maximum creature comforts worthy of nine lifetimes. Having spent plenty of after-work hours browsing pet stores, Wu had the chance to make his own line of accessories when Cat Person gave him a buzz. Although the 39-year-old designer has had little prior experience in workiing in this industry, his field work in managing his cats has given him all the background research he needed to discover decor-friendly solutions. Enter sleek litter boxes, poop scoops, and food bowls that all look good in any modern home. He has even designed a pounce toy fashioned after a dog, which one can speculate would be used by cats as a punching bag of sorts. And don’t worry, Wu hasn’t forgotten about humans either. He has designed a black hoodie with an original illustration of a cat peeking out of a pocket so cats know whose side you’re on.

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