Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Coperni
Coperni x Maisie Williams
Coperni x Maisie Williams

Looking for a uniquely shaped bag that’s vegan and has a badass star (or Stark) behind its build? Well, you don’t have to lower your expectations just yet because said bag does exist. Coperni’s signature Swipe bag – inspired by the logo of Apple phone’s swipe function – has called upon Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams to give a fashionable take on the Italian-made bag. What is different about this version is that they are fashioned out of apple skin (Apple and apple skin, geddit?) which is said to have the same texture as leather. And don’t worry, Coperni didn’t put to waste thousands of apples just to make these bags as the fruit used are by-products. They are then dried and turned into this new material without the need for chemicals. In order to make yours unique. it has also included five mini detachable pins as décor on the perforated exterior (you know, like a note on a foam board). Coperni likens them to those labels you find on fruits. The bag comes in silver or green for the large and silver or red for the mini.

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