Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Getty Images and American Music Awards
BTS performed twice at the 2021 American Music Awards

We already know the BTS boys can pull off some amazing suits. Whether it is on the Grammys red carpet or delivering a speech at the UN General Assembly, nothing appears like they just took it off the rack with an ill fit. At the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs), the South Korean boyband showed off their style prowess in three show-stopping looks to match their historic award-winning evening. What makes them perfect examples of modern tailoring is that their selections were anything but Wall Street-friendly (thank God). Scroll down for the low-down.



Virgil Abloh’s take on tailoring might not be getting the recognition he deserves. But perhaps all of that’s about to change from here on. If you’re paying close attention, these classically coloured staples that BTS wore have plenty to be desired. The traditional DBs are cropped, and in some examples, they are accessorised with a belt that is knotted just like a trench coat or even an hanbok (a traditional Korean clothing). And just so you know these guys don’t share the wardrobe with your typical broker, they have matched the grey and black colourways with a non-traditional pop coloured shirt. Peek at Ji-min’s pink shirt or J-Hope’s blue. Not only did BTS hit the red carpet in these looks, they scooped the major awards in it too linking these looks to some of the most historical moments in Asian pop culture history.



Okay, we must admit that this isn’t modern tailoring or even tailoring. But hey, this is the kind of suiting that the millennials are vibing with today – and that’s good enough for us. In their performance with Coldplay, five of the boys slipped into these punk rock fits developed by Matthew M. Williams at Givenchy. And who knew that when the designer enlisted artist Chito’s brand of aerographic stylised characters for these Parisian polished wares that it would be showcased on one of the biggest stages in music and on the bodies of the world’s most popular boyband.  



BTS has never forgotten their roots and that’s a blessing considering the amount of commercial opportunities they draw. Even at the UN Assembly, they were decked out in a local upcycling fashion brand called Re;Code which helped the brand trend with an international audience. At the AMAs, BTS continued the tradition by performing their hit song Butter in summer-friendly mustard yellow and sunny yellow suiting customised by a Seoul-based label called Tailorable. One thing’s for sure, they got you googling about that Yellow (wait, did we just make a Coldplay reference too?).      

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