RECAP: Saint Laurent and Sho Shibuya Dinner (Miami)
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Saint Laurent and Saskia
The exhibition venue at the Beachfront on 17th Street in Miami
(From left): Olivia Rodrigo, Talia Ryder, and Hailey Bieber
Zoë Kravitz and Anthony Vaccarello
Hailey Bieber
Anja Rubik
Talia Ryder and Olivia Rodrigo
Charlotte Lawrence
Mica Arganaraz and David Alexander Finn
Olivia Rodrigo
The exhibition venue at the Beachfront on 17th Street in Miami
Christian Coppola and Jack Dylan Grazer
Jacob Bixenman and Gray Sorrenti
Brandon Flynn
Hailey Bieber and Zoë Kravitz
Steve Lacy
Matthew Avedon
Paul Hameline

Are you ready for contemplative art to earn its sex appeal? Saint Laurent and Anthony Vaccarello certainly are. On the occasion of Art Basel Miami Beach, Saint Laurent Rive Droite has tapped New York-based artist Sho Shibuya to bring 55 of his sunrise-obsessed paintings to the former’s Ephemeral Gallery project which was housed on the beach. Shibuya’s observations of the day’s sunrise are translated on a rather unique canvas, which is the front page of the New York Times. The artist coats the paper with layers until satisfactory colours are obtained that correlate with his observations. 53 of the paintings are exhibited at the gallery and Shibuya created another pair to commemorate Saint Laurent’s 55th anniversary since opening its first ready-to-wear boutique in Paris. And what’s a Saint Laurent event without the cool kids coming to schmooze? The exhibit went into night time mode as Saint Laurent hosted an intimate dinner that brought its fair share of big names such as Hailey Bieber, Anja Rubik, and Olivia Rodriguez, just to name a few.

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