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Harry Styles' infamous cardigan is now an NFT
Harry Styles' infamous cardigan is now an NFT

While nearly all of us would like to wipe out 2020 from our memories forever, there are still some cool bits to remember like Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reuniting over video call and Harry Styles wearing a multi-coloured patchwork cardigan by JW Anderson in a live performance. In regards to the latter, the knitted outerwear has re-emerged in 2021 after breaking the internet last year. At peak fame last year, designer Jonathan Anderson felt compelled to launch a video tutorial to cheer up plenty of homecraft enthusiasts who were, well, stuck at home. While that particular Harry Styles cardigan is now a museum showpiece (for real), JW Anderson is giving one lucky person a chance to own an NFT version of it. This NFT cardigan took a group of visual effects artists about 300 hours to render a 3D version. Every piece of yarn was replicated in each of the six knit patterns and can be view from all angles to the pleasure of its future owner. Why is JW Anderson doing so? Don’t worry, it hasn’t decided to set up a shop in the metaverse just yet. This Harry Styles Cardigan, which it has been affectionately known as, will be auctioned to raise funds for British charity akt to support homeless and abused LGBTQ+ youths. The auction will begin on December 12 on Xydrobe and will last for two days.

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